I just keep getting in my own way!

I have been reading a new Bible study and the book reading Self-Talk Soul Talk. I’m so thankful that God can connect his word to the world around me. He has opened my eyes up every day since starting thsee books. He’s shown me that I need to step aside and let him handle things and that I need to stop picking up those bad stones and just passed them to him. When I continue to pick up the stones  it continues to get heavier and heavier and more difficult to carry. I Can Be My Own Worst Enemy sometimes! I’m so thankful for all that he shows me and for all that he does. I need to be moved by His Spirit more and my mind needs to be renewed every single day. I will continue to pray everyday that I will do His will and that He will be my everything. I need to stay focused on Him for my every need. I want to learn to boot myself out of the way and let Him take control.

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