Don’t ┬ábe shy, just ask!

I lack in the area of wisdom. I have to ask God every day, & I mean, every day to give me words of wisdom. Part of my daily prayer is; God give me words of wisdom, strength,  knowledge & calmness to go through my day. I want to be a person of encouragement not discouragement. 

Ask God with a pure heart and he will answer your prayer. 

This day in history!

Today in history. August 1st, 1985 a little girl lay in her bedroom floor trying to go to sleep. All of the sudden, there was an overwhelming sense of fear! This little girl had a fear that she was going to die and go to hell! Now, she was only 12, so what could this little girl have done throughout her life to cause her to live eternally then hell? She knew that she was sinful, filthy, & unworthy. The only reassurance she had was a still small voice speaking to her heart saying that she would be saved. She release all control and gave it over to the only One that could save her out of the depths of hell! The only One was Christ the Lord. At that very moment a sense of peace and rushing wind blew over her. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that she would be okay. That little girl was me! I was just the Lost Sinner of 12 years old that never did anything terribly bad, but felt as if she had committed a hanious crime! It doesn’t matter how good you’ve been in your life or how bad you been! A sinner is lost through and through no matter what. I was saved by the mighty grace of God. He had mercy on my soul! He saw who I was, but yet still wanted me as part of his family. A lot has happened to me and through me since that night. I wouldn’t change a thing because that is made me who I am in Him. I can’t imagine my life without my Savior. I can’t imagine being able to go through all of those trials and tribulations without my Savior. If you’re reading this and your lost listen to that still small voice deep down inside  showing you exactly who you are. A sinner going straight to hell! Just know that you have hope in Christ. It’s the only hope you have & it’s  the only reason to live. Call upon His name and He will save you out of the depths that await!

Today is the day I was reborn & given a new life!