What will you give Him this Christmas?

I came upon this question from a Kay Arthur post. Good question, don’t you think? Are we qualified to give Him anything? Should WE try to give Him anything? The answer is, we need to give Him our all in everything we do whenever we do it. This baby gave His precious life for me, so whatever He ask of me I will do. I give Him me this Christmas.

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Renew my spirit

I have had a crazy, choatic & emotional week. I truly believe this has been the first, “I’m gonna lose it”  moment since G’s accident. I felt out of control. My body felt as if there was no where to turn! My brain was just swirling with the overwhelming thoughts & things that had to be done. All I wanted to do was fight because no one could do anything right. Finally, after dropping Wyatt off at school I had to just stop, breathe, & have a bold conversation with God about my feelings & about people.

I try to live God’s will everyday, but I’m human so some days I dont feel very spiritual. God renewed my spirit yesterday, just because I asked him too.
Go to his throne boldy! He’s your God. Don’t let your circumstances drag you to the brink of giving up. We’ve all been there & we will continue to be there, but you have to choose to call on God for help. That’s the only way you will make it through.
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