The names of my LORD

God always amazes me! You can learn & study about all His names individually. Each meaning is powerful in its own, but look how power they are when you write them out as one! These are just names I’ve studied so far. This is what He is to me. I challenge you to do the same; study the names of God then write out what He is to you. You will see Him in a different way!❤️❤️❤️


Today, I finished up the chapter in my Bible study about Jehovah Rapha. This particular name of God refers to His healing, The Lord Who Heals! He heals us physically and spiritually!

I have been suffering from tendonitis in my right elbow, my right arm is dominant, so it is very painful and aggravating because it interrupts my daily life. As I was reading this morning the two questions arose, who do you consult first, man or Jehovah Rapha? The second question was, has sin caused this problem?

My answers were I did not consult Jehovah Rapha. Why would I bother Him with my arm? No, I don’t know about the sin because I never gave it a thought. How sad is it that I never considered this affliction to have originated from sin? I know, not all afflictions and diseases are due to sin, but shouldn’t that have been my first thought? Because, if it is sin then I need to deal with it by asking Jehovah Rapha to help me remove it! I have to be real about sin and examine my life daily. It can be small or great, but no matter what the size of the sin and it has to be removed from my life in order for the healing to begin.

We all come short of the glory of God & sin. It’s there precious people! Deal with it & get it out of your life! This will be my prayer today that God will allow me to see the sin in my life that needs to be removed. I pray that you will go to Jehovah Rapha and ask Him the same. Ask Him to reveal the sin in your life that needs to be removed.

We are to be joyful and happy in the Lord and give Him all the praise. We don’t have to suffer anymore!