Are you right with God? Whether that is saved by His grace or are you walking in His paths. Do you have a hunger & thirst for righteousness? A daily look at our lives helps keep us in check in whether or not we are living in God’s will. We are here to do His Will and live a life that glorifies Him. Search your heart & His word for the answer.

My Redeemer

Have you ever read the book of Ruth? I love it! I look at myself as Ruth. She was from a sinful nation. She had no idea what life with Naomi would be like, but she knew she had to go. She was drawn to Naomi and her God.

I am from a sinful nation, which is myself. I had know idea what life was like where God was taking me, but I was drawn to Him.

Boaz is a type of Christ. He was Ruth’s kinsman that redeemed her as his own. I love that! Christ is my kinsman, He has redeemed me as His own. Just like Ruth, I have someone to always take care of me.

It’s a beautiful story ❤️. For a sinful woman to be taken & redeemed then put in the lineage of Christ is true love.

We don’t always understand why we go through the trials and troubles that we do. I do know that God has a plan and His grace will see us through. It doesn’t matter where the dark valley leads you, God’s light is always there. He will bring you out of that valley and set you up on a mountain.

Living the sweet life!

God’s words are like honey to my mouth. His words to me when I pray are such a sweet & blessed experience to have. I don’t know how I could live my life without Him in it. Even when I mess up He is always there. His sweet unconditional love spills over into my life, which allows me to share this sweetness with my family. I want my boys to taste the sweet sweet words of God & experience the taste that is like none other. Just to know that I have the sweet fruit of the Holy Spirit living in me is enough proof that I am living the sweet life.


I love the book of Psalm ❤️. The verses are so encouraging no matter what is going on in your life. Have you ever had the feeling all of the sudden that you can’t breathe? Or that you thought you were about to take your last breath? When you have fears & start to feel overwhelmed by life you may feel this way, I know that I have. You have a heaviness about you. Your face becomes stressed and depressed. You feel like there is no place to turn and you can’t move!

The answer to all your anxieties is right here in these verses. Cast everything on the Lord look towards Him. He is your Jehovah- Rapha (healer) and your Jehovah- Nissi ( banner). Once your troubles are gone your face will be lighten with joy! His will save you out of your troubles.

Like a tree

Today’s verse is Jeremiah 17:8. Before we can look at this verse we need to go back to Jeremiah 17:7. Always remember when you read a verse you need to read the verses before and after to get a full understanding of the context and what God is trying to say. Verse 7 says, Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and who is hope the Lord is. Verse 8, for he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought neither shall cease from yielding fruit. All we have to do in every part of our daily life is trust in the Lord. When we have trust in Him we are rooted in Him! We have no need to worry about the little things or the big things that come our way. We cannot be moved. Just like that tree with the roots planted deep in the ground by the river. Our Lord is our foundation! He brings us renewed strength just as the water in a river continuously flows. We continuously have refreshment from the Lord when our trust is in Him. No matter when a drought, or those hard times come in our lives we will continuously have the blessings of the Lord. Others will see the fruit of the Lord in us.

Know All scripture.

So I got up this morning trying to decide on my daily verse to post. Sometimes this can be a little difficult, but I realized that we need to hear all scripture. He gave it to us for a reason and every word in his Bible was created by Him. He is the word! We need to know as much about Him as we can not just the ones that make us feel good. I decided that I would type in a random verse and no matter what the words were it would be posted, Isaiah 13:6 is for today. Which makes me think about we need to live life to the fullest, praise God for all he’s done, tell those that we love how much they mean to us, and always serve him and help others.